Global Collaboration of Forensic Scientists

In 2021, the Global Collaboration of Forensic Scientists’ (GC-FS) co-chairs AAFS Past President Barry Fisher and AAFS Secretary Laura Liptai volunteered to re-imagine international educational outreach.  This initiative is support by International Affairs Committee members, chaired by Pete Ausili.  The AAFS membership has responded with enthusiasm by volunteering their time to work together with national and international colleagues.


We will be adopting a broader definition of “global” from Past President Doug Lucas - “embracing the whole of something or of a group of things - i.e. not simply in the geographic sense but also in a professional sense covering a range of scientific disciplines.”

The Global Collaboration of Forensic Scientists (GCFS) vision is:

  • Dedicated to the production and distribution of scientific research and educational lectures to benefit forensic science and technology as well as society internationally, and
  • Endeavors to be a worldwide resource for expert assistance, advancing justice for all.

On May 20, 2021, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences board of directors approved a group to explore the academy’s national and international outreach efforts. Barry and Laura collaborated with several international  groups to determine how the academy might join and compliment efforts of groups including: the United Nations, the US Department of Justice’s International Criminal Investigative Training Program (ICITAP), the US State Department, the Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center, the International Forensic Science Alliance, University of Dundee/Chartered Society, the Netherlands Forensic Institute and the AAFS’s International Affairs Committee.

ICITAP initially requested help to identify personnel for a latent fingerprint in-county assignment in Somalia and Mogadishu.  Next, we provided United Nations’ Office of Drugs and Crime with internationally recognized speakers for the Uzbek’s Celebration of 70th Anniversary of the Ministry of Justice’s National Forensic Science Centre program  (June 30, 2021), entitled, “Forensic Science: Yesterday and Today” This program was in a virtual format and accomplished at no cost to the academy or the United Nations.

We also assembled speakers for Amity University’s educational program in India including two AAFS/IAFS Past Presidents Barry Logan and Ron Singer as well as world renowned expert Klas Haglid, PE on building envelope HVAC during the COVID 19 Delta variant (June 16-30, 2021).

We are in the planning phase for several other no fee programs. All are 11:00-1:00 est (Washington DC), San Francisco 8:00 am, Mexico City 10:00 am, London 4:00 pm, Cape Town 5:00 pm, Tehran 6:30 pm, Abu Dhabi 7:00 pm, Tashkent 8:00 pm, Singapore 11:00 pm, and Sydney 2:00 am the following day.

Speaker and Access Information

October 6, 2021 Introduction to Digital Forensics & ISO Accreditation


November 10, 2021 Advanced Digital Forensics


January 12, 2022 Gender Based Violence/Sexual Assault

Speaker list not yet available.

May 18, 2022 Aquatic Investigations and Document Examinations … not just Handwriting


September, 2022 Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

Speaker list not yet available.

Contact Information for International Membership Special Assistance

For special assistance with international membership information in the AAFS click HERE or email Cheryl Hunter for more information at [email protected]

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