Pathology/Biology Student Affiliate Requirements

AAFS Requirements:

Both at the time of application and at the time the application is being considered for approval (the following February), an applicant for Student Affiliate status must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program that would support a forensic science career accepted by the section to which application is being made. Each Student Affiliate must certify eligibility annually with the AAFS.

Student Affiliate status may be maintained for two consecutive calendar years beginning at the end of the calendar year within which graduation occurs. During the two year period, once employment in a forensic discipline recognized by a section of the AAFS is attained, Student Affiliates will be required to upgrade their membership to Trainee Affiliate or Associate Member.

Pathology/Biology Requirements:

NOTE: Applicants who have or are planning a career in a biological science without a doctorate degree level and/or in the forensic application of serology or human DNA analysis should apply to the Criminalistics Section.

  1. Must be either a full-time medical student or a student enrolled in a graduate program in a biological science, or
  2. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program with the intent of pursuing a career in forensic medicine or a forensic biological science, and
  3. Provide one (1) letter of reference. Reference must be from department chair, program director, or academic advisor and must be able to confirm applicant’s enrollment status.

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