AAFS Abstract Submission Information

General Information

The Program Committee solicits the submission of abstracts on topics of interest to the forensic science community.  Scientific abstracts are required for all submissions regardless of the type of presentation being made at the Annual Scientific Meeting:

  •  Oral Presentations
  •  Poster Sessions
  •  Workshops*
  •  Breakfast Seminars
  •  Luncheons
  •  Special Sessions*
  •  Last Word Society Presentations (Oral)

*Requires additional “promotional” content text.

All submissions must be completed by 11:59 p.m. (MDT) on or by August 1 to be considered for the program. Scientific Session papers selected for presentation will be divided into two groups:

  •  Oral Presentations
  •  Poster Presentations

The Program Committee will select appropriate abstracts from those submitted by the August 1 deadline.  Abstracts must be submitted on the official abstract form or through the online submission system.  Specific format and content requirements for the abstracts are noted on the form.  An electronic copy of the presenting author’s curriculum vitae and abstract file must be attached to the original abstract form.  Questions regarding AAFS abstract submissions should be emailed to abstracts@aafs.org.

  •  AAFS Policy on Conflicts of Interest, Abstracts, and Presentations
    •  Presentations at AAFS Annual Scientific Meetings and corresponding abstracts must be formulated to promote education and to elevate accuracy, precision, and specificity in the forensic sciences.  Presentations or abstracts which solely promote a commercial product, company, entity, or service will not be allowed at the AAFS Annual Scientific Meetings.  Presentations by commercial entities shall be limited to the science and not be an advertisement or promotion of their product over that of a competitor.  Any abstract or presentation that is perceived by a Section Program Chair or the Academy Meeting Program Chair as a product endorsement will not be approved for presentation at the meeting.  A presentation given at a meeting that, in the opinion of the Section Program Chair or the Academy Meeting Program Chair, is a product endorsement may result in the presenter and corresponding company being barred from making presentations at future AAFS meetings.
  •  References
    •  AAFS uses the “Notes and Bibliography” documentation system from the Chicago Manual of Style for all bibliographies, citations, and references.  References should be numbered in the text of the abstract as well as listed in order of occurrence as “footnotes” at the end of the document.  Authors are asked not to format footnotes via the footnote function of MS Word or other word processing software.  Footnotes should be added to the bottom of the document as text.1
    1.  chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html
  •  Abstract Length
    •  A single spaced, one page length document containing a minimum of 400 words to a maximum of 700 words is required. Please attach additional sheet(s) if needed.
  •  Key Words
    •  Each author is to provide three key words or terms.
  •  Oral Presentations
    •  Each scientific session meeting room will be equipped with a lighted pointer, podium, microphone, LCD projector, and screen.
    •  Requests for additional audio-visual equipment will be reviewed by the Program Committee and are subject to approval by the Section Chair. Speakers will be notified of the disposition of their requests.
    •  The final determination of the length of time allocated to each presentation, regardless of time requested, rests with the Section Program Chair. However, 15 minute presentations are typical.
  •  Poster Presentations
    •  Each author selected for poster presentation will be provided with a 4’ x 8’ tack board on which to display material related to his/her presentation. Thumb tacks will be provided.
    •  Authors have complete freedom to choose ways of displaying their information in figures, tables, text, photographs, etc. However, they should avoid crowding too much information into a limited space. The poster may be augmented by the use of  manuscripts and sketch pads with marking pens.
  •  Content

 Abstracts should NOT be written in the first person. Your abstract should be informative, containing:

  1.  A short, specific title.
  2.  The Learning Overview.
  3.  A sentence statement of the paper’s hypothesis or proposition.
  4.  A brief synopsis of the content, or statement of the methods, whichever is pertinent.
  5.  A summary of the results obtained, if pertinent.
  6.  A general statement of conclusion, if possible.
  7.  A minimum of one-half page, single-spaced (approximately 400 words) to a maximum of one full page (approximately 700 words) in length.  Abstracts exceeding the full page maximum will not be printed in the AAFS Proceedings.
  8.  Three Key Words.
  9.  A brief statement of how your presentation will impact the attendees in terms of:  competence (ability), performance (competence put into “action”), or patient outcomes (if applicable).
  10.  Complete the Post Graduate Institute for Medicine Conflict of Interest Reporting Form for Faculty, Planners, and Managers of CME/CE Activities for each author/co-author listed on the paper.
  •  Document Preparation & Format of Abstract

 Your abstract must be typed and submitted in a legible format following the instructions provided below

  1.  On the Abstract form or through the online submission system the title, names of authors with respective degree(s), and addresses must be stated exactly as you wish them to appear in the Program. Indicate with an asterisk (*) who will be presenting.
  2.  Type all material, including title, in upper and lower case; capitalize and punctuate exactly as you wish the abstract to appear.
  3.  Exercise care in preparing the abstract. If unsuitable for publication as received, the abstract will be returned to the author for correction, revision, or completion.
  4.  400 word minimum to 700 word maximum.
  5.  No boxes, frames, or lines.
  6.  File Format: Microsoft® Word .doc or .docx
  7.  References/Footnotes: do not put in the header or footer of the document.
  8.  Remove editing comments, notes, etc., and accept tracked changes in the document prior to saving and submitting.

Internet Browser Recommendation

  •  AAFS recommends the use of Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox for the submission of abstracts. Internet Explorer will work in most cases; however, a small percentage of users have experienced issues accessing buttons or navigating through the system. Should you experience issues, try changing browser types to access your user profile in order to submit your proposal for presentation.

Notification Letters

  •  Notification letters will be mailed to all presenting authors by mid-November prior to the meeting. Meeting registration materials will be sent to presenting authors.
  •  Presenting authors who have opted in for “Go Green” notifications will receive their notification letters via email. Notification emails will be sent to the email address in the presenting author’s AAFS Account Web account by mid-November prior to the meeting.  Meeting registration materials will be sent to presenting authors.
  •  All speakers and presenters (oral or poster) are required to register for the annual meeting. If your abstract is accepted for presentation, you will be required to pay the basic registration fee for the annual meeting.

Commercial & Conflict of Interest

  •  Commercial Interest
    •  Commercial Interests are any proprietary entity producing goods or services, as well as any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services, used on, or consumed by, patients. Providers of clinical service directly to patients are not considered commercial interests.
  •  Conflict of Interest
    •  Circumstances create a conflict of interest when an individual has an opportunity to affect CME content about products or services of a commercial interest with which he/she has a financial relationship.

Journal of Forensic Sciences

  • The Journal of Forensic Sciences encourages authors to submit all previously unpublished reports and papers presented at the Academy’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Please submit your manuscripts electronically to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jofs.

Sample Abstracts

  • To find examples abstracts that have been published in past years, access the AAFS Reference Library.

2021 Call For Papers Coming Soon.

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