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    A Complete Introduction to Digitally Captured Signatures (DCS) and a Tutorial for Namirial’s Firma Certa Forensic Analysis Tool
W2     Interpreting and Communicating DNA Evidence in a Probabilistic Genotyping Universe
    Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) and Digital Evidence: The Look of Modern Criminal Investigations
W4     The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Forensic Sciences With a Focus on Opioids and Emerging Drugs
W5     Forensic Genetic Genealogy (FGG): Practical Aspects of Implementation for Law Enforcement and Criminalists
W6     Tuning in to the Barking Dog: Actionable Surveillance in an Evolving Chemical Threat Landscape


    Applications, Implementation, and the Future of Direct Analysis in Real-Time Mass Spectrometry (DART®-MS) in Forensic Laboratories
W8     Utilizing Best Practice in Forensic Education and Remote Learning
W9     What They Don’t Know Can Kill You
W10     When “Who” Doesn’t Matter as Much as “How” — DNA Testimony Given Activity-Level Propositions

    A New Realm of Novel Psychoactive Sub-stance (NPS) Opioids and NPS Benzodiazepines - Analytical and Interpretive Considerations
W12     Forensic Anthropology Databases for Research Purposes - This workshop has been canceled.
W13     Forensic Multimedia Authentication: Real-Life Problems and Solutions
W14     Policing in 2021 - Perspectives, Problems, and Potentials
W15     STR Wars: The Rise of Sequencing
W16     Technology and Design of Security Documents for Counterfeiting and Alteration Resistance
W17     An Update on Analytical Approaches for Hemp/Marijuana Differentiation
W18     Competency to Stand Trial: Nuances in Competency Assessments
W19     Most Valuable Publications (MVPs) of Forensic DNA: Examining the Most Valuable Publications in the Field



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