Young Forensic Scientists Forum

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S2      25 Years of Crossing Borders: Young Forensic Scientists and Their Collaborations

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
6.0 CE Hours

Learning Overview: After attending this presentation, attendees will better understand forensic science and how everyone’s work can impact and enhance other scientists, and vice versa, regardless of the discipline. In addition, attendees will learn about the advantages and importance of proper resume writing and interviewing skills.

Impact on the Forensic Science Community: The Young Forensic Scientists Forum (YFSF) has historically provided a venue for those forensic scientists with less than five years of professional experience to interact with, and further integrate into, their prospective fields as well as to learn about all the other disciplines. The YFSF should provide the space and opportunity for attendees/speakers to grow, develop, network, and learn from one another. This will allow young scientists the confidence to progress in their fields and one day hopefully provide the same opportunity to another young scientist.

Program Description: This special session provides necessary information to young forensic scientists regarding the various disciplines within the AAFS and will serve as a forum to exchange, discuss, and cultivate new ideas. This full-day program has been put together to cover a wide range of topics and inform attendees as to how these topics relate to other, sometimes unrelated, disciplines, techniques, and individuals. The YFSF aims to show all young forensic scientists that what makes us special isn’t just who we are alone, but also who we are together.

Every year the American Academy of Forensic Sciences draws in thousands of globally recognized experts and professionals to present research, hold workshops, and showcase the various disciplines represented within the Academy. Further, the YFSF offers two opportunities for young forensic scientists to present their own work or research: the Bring Your Own Posters (BYOP) Session and the Bring Your Own Slides (BYOS) Session.

The session will feature speakers from many of the AAFS sections who will discuss their work and how they crossed borders, figuratively and literally, to collaborate with other disciplines. Through these presentations, attendees will learn how experienced practitioners and professionals have contributed to forensic science as a whole and how their work has benefitted from and was helped by interdisciplinary combining of knowledge bases. With a rapid push for specialization within a given discipline, it has remained vital for leaders in forensic science to remember the importance of cross-discipline collaboration and partnership. Through this Special Session, forensic experts will provide mentorship to young forensic scientists by inspiring interdisciplinary cooperation in casework, research, and community engagement.

Finally, in the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and to honor our commitment to improving and advancing communication, for the first time the YFSF is seeking to provide the opportunity to attendees to network with AAFS members and many others to encourage the sharing of information and experiences. This year’s Special Session has been re-designed to incorporate a networking morning coffee break where all YFSF attendees and distinguished members from the AAFS sections can meet, mingle, and have discussions. Further, the discussion and resume review panel has been lengthened and will be enhanced by the addition of a speaker specifically addressing resumes and interview preparation, so don’t forget to update and bring several copies of your resume with you!

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